Abstract: A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes that create a dynamic infrastructure-less communication network and an extremely challenging network. The design of robust routing algorithm for ad hoc networks is a big challenge, because network topology changes dynamically. In order to deal with the challenges such as fault tolerance, load balancing, minimizing end-to-end delay multipath routing strategy has been exploited. AOMDV is one of the multipath routing protocols. AOMDV is an extension to the unipath routing protocol i.e. AODV. This paper discusses routing strategies in mobile ad hoc networks, giving stress on multipath routing and compares the two protocols namely AODV (a unipath routing protocol) and AOMDV (a multipath routing protocol).

Keywords: Mobile Ad hoc Networks, Unipath Routing, AODV, Multipath Routing, AOMDV.