Abstract: In today’s world road accident is the main cause of many deaths. There is no such application developed which can detect the accident and notify it to the driver’s relatives or to the hospital to provide the emergency services. Smart phones are being used for developing such smart applications for smart cities. The smart phone senses the parameters, computes the results and communicates with the server. This paper proposes a system which aims to provide cost effective means of determining the performance of the vehicle and tracking the vehicle by transferring the obtained data to an android device by using a Bluetooth controller. An electronic hardware unit is developed to carry out the transfer of the information between the vehicle’s on board system and the mobile phone which in this case is an android device. The results are then analyzed on the basis of the communicated data and viewed by the user or the owner to monitor the fuel consumption and the other important electromechanical parameters of a vehicle. The alarm alert systems i.e. A Buzzer is used to notify the driver or the admin about the results. This is done by using the interface sensors, grab sensors ADC values and applying the threshold conditions on those values. Alerts are generated if the threshold values are crossed. A message can be sent from an android device to the nearby hospital for providing emergency services in case of severe accidents. The sensors used are the Temperature sensor, Seat Belt detection sensor, Alcohol detection sensor, Fuel level detection sensor, Accident detection sensor, Drowsiness detection sensor (IR).The roads with bumps and pits are indicated to the driver by using an accelerometer present in the android device. The mobile device is capable of transmitting data to the server using cellular internetwork connection-WIFI.

Keywords: Android device, Threshold values, WIFI, Bluetooth, Accelerometer, Sensors, electromechanical parameters, Alarm alerts, Server.