Abstract: Haziness is a huge obstacle in the visibility applications, it is very important to remove efficiently. Outdoor scenes and images lose the quality, degrade under the bad weather conditions, and provide the Hazy images. Many researchers have worked on various proposed techniques to enhance the clarity, visibility of the hazy image, mostly worked on saturation and brightness. For an image, the process of haze removal is not a simple task so it plays a vital role in image processing. Due to haziness, an image generally lost color and edges, so dehazing/ haze removal technique restores edge losses and color impacts badly. By using polarization, RETINEX based approach etc. dehazing has been simpler. To enhance the quality of an image (hazy) the various parameters are required for processing to get the superior computer vision applications and haze free images. And contrast enhancement is also important step for more clear applications.

Keywords: dehaze, polarization, edge preservation, dark channel prior, color preserving, contrast enhancement.