Abstract: In these days if we have any general doubts on solution for any arithmetic, it is our tendency either goggling or refer the books and solving it out. Here is the solution for it. We can just ask our doubts, if it is a general or arithmetic, no problem Mia will talk to you by replying the answer. Mia is an automatic answering machine. You can ask any logically correct questions and the Mia will answer you to that question. It is a smart machine which is working using a smart low cost SBC called Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is an ARM based board. This board make us possible to work out this genius answering machine. The raspberry pi will be connected to internet using Wi-Fi or through Ethernet. We can speak to this machine which will be recording our speech. And based on what we asked to the machine, it will convert it to text and will search in internet and find the result regarding the query. Using a text to speech converter we can make the machine to answer the query back in speech. This makes the project smarter. We may be using sound card, Google APIís, Python, Wolfram Alpha Engine and Shell Scripting for work outing this project.

Keywords: Mia, SBC, ARM, Raspberry Pi, Wolfram.