Abstract: Nowadays use of social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ for communication and maintaining relationship among various user is increased due to its popularity on network. Each user that uses the social networking sites are making profiles and uploading their private information. These social networks users are not aware of numerous security risk included in this networks like privacy, identity theft and sexual harassment and so on. The third party apps on social sites have main role to make the site more attractive and incredible. The hackers are using these third party apps to get the private information and get unauthorized access to their accounts. As we aware that not most but least of the applications on sites are malicious. As research goes on the research community has focused on detecting malicious wall-posts and campaigns. In this paper, we are going to find that applications are malicious or not? In earlier system, It is important to note that mypagekeeper that is our base data, cannot detect malicious apps; it only detects malicious posts on Facebook. Those malicious apps contain the bunch of malicious posts. In contrast, frappe Lite and frappe are designed to detect malicious apps. Therefore the frappe or frappe Lite that is being developed is more powerful than mypagekeeper to develop frappe, we use information gathered by observing the posting behavior of basic Facebook apps that are running on it. So, first we try to find out the features of malicious apps and other characteristics of malicious apps that are harmful to users.

Keywords: Profiling Apps, Online Social Networks, Facebook Apps, Malicious Apps.