Abstract: Vehicular Ad Hoc network (VANETS) uses the principle of mobile Ad Hoc network (MANET). It is an approach for the intelligent transportation system (ITS). It provides communication between vehicles and also between vehicles and roadside base station. A vehicle in VANET is considered to be an intelligent mobile node capable of communicating with its neighbour and other vehicles in the network. In this paper the concept of wireless power transmission is also explained using the inductive coupling. Its future application is charging of the electric vehicles without any direct conductive wire. Using the inductive coupling electrical energy is transmitted between source (i.e. transmitter coil) and electrical load (i.e. receiver coil). This paper provides focus on the various applications of VANET like Horn control, real time traffic update and WPT for charging electric vehicles.

Keywords: Vehicular Ad hoc Network, Intelligent transportation system (ITS), Wireless Power Transfer (WPT), applications, Electrical Vehicle (EV) , Horn Control System, Traffic management system.