Abstract: This paper focuses on the analysis of NOR flash and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus. In this paper we are dealing with the testing feature of the NOR flash memory and developing the architecture of validation suite. The communication is achieved via SPI bus between host and target. Host and Target are microcontroller and FPGA. In between these two SPI bus acts as an interface. NOR flash is a kind of permanent technology that stores the data or information even though the power is off. There are two types of Flash memory, such as NOR flash memory and NAND flash memory. NOR flash is used because it has execute in place feature and read operation is faster than NAND flash memory. Also comparison in done in between three approaches like Extended SPI approach, Quad approach and Octal approach.

Keywords: NOR Flash, SPI bus, Host, Target, execute in place, NAND Flash, communication.