Abstract: Conversing on cell phones while driving is as calamitous as driving our car after drinking which can lead to various disastrous major miss incidents. Do you know that using a mobile phone while driving can influence the cognitive functions of persons, amuse his or her visual concentration and also the speed of processing message. It has been also confirm that use of cell phones while driving puts a driver at an extremely higher risk of collision by distracting their mind. It matters even if the person makes use of hands free or hand-held phones, which has no escape to it. This deadly combo has crunch increased the risk of accidents in range numbers. The theme of this project is to make the driver to attend only the emergency calls. Initially driver should enable call forward to system number. When a call is made to driver, the caller will receive a message intimating that he is in driving. If once again he calls the driver then it is understood that it is crunch. So the driver will get an intimation regarding the emergency call through LCD display. If he wants to make a call, he must stop the car. Unless the system will recognize in such a way that the driver is speaking in mobile phone while driving. It automatically reduces the car fuel supply by variable Solenoid so that the driver will have time to park the car. Thus the system prevents accidents due to phone calls.

Keywords: GSM Module, Mobile Phone Sniffer ,DC Motor, Solenoid valve, Flow sensor, RPM Sensor.