Abstract: From many years we are getting news about smuggling of the trees such as sandal, Sagwan etc. These trees are very expensive and less obtainable in the market. To avoid such type of smuggling and to save the forests around the globe some preventive systems need to be developed. We are forming a system which can be used to restrict this smuggling. The suggested system will consist of two modules which are described below, 1) Tree Unit 2) Main Server Unit (base station). ]Every tree having one small electronics division which consists of ARM 7, 3 Sensors and Zigbee module. There will be one area selected. The data of different tree units can be collected by this units. The each tree unit will give the information to base station using GSM module. At main server GUI using one authorized person whom received the message and he will taking action to provide security. This data can be used by concern forest authorities to take preventive action.

Keywords: ARM 7 Processor, Flex sensor, Temperature sensor, Accelerometer sensor, ZIGBEE and GSM Module.