Abstract: In today’s era everyone is using mobile phones for communication. At the same time Mobile Providers are also providing the variety of services to users. In attempt to expand on this, we propose a GPS based school bus tracking system for an organization and parents to help to find addresses of their children and locate their positions on mobile devices. The organizations are investing money in monitoring and tracking school buses aiming at improving services and ensuring the safety. The proposed technology allows organizations and parents to track real-time information about the school bus during travel. Today for transportation most schools use Bus as a medium. But due to various problems like not reaching on time, bus failure, no proper schedule etc. By this scenario author has created an application which provides the exact location of all organizational vehicles. The system contains single smart phone that is equipped with GPS. During vehicle motion its location update can be continuously reported to a server. This location information will be plotted using Google maps on monitoring device.

Keywords: Bus Tracking System, Global Positioning System (GPS), Mobile Application, Geo-location sensor.