Abstract: The petroleum items are one of the significant and uncommon manifestations of the nature. The best possible use and circulation is imperative assignment to survive these items. Our framework might be the main methodology towards security of petroleum items appropriation, for example, petrol, diesel, and lamp oil and others. "The basic and authorized utilization of GSM and RFID advances can give add up to security to appropriation of petroleum items!" this is our proposed. Basic pursuit framework and direct PC interface for the framework which encourages the record keeping of the appropriated fuel. Additionally the convenient and vigorous VB system will help to approved organization to control the dispersion of fuel entire over the locale or nation. In our framework the control unit and tanker unit are two main parts. The two frameworks which might far from each other can without much of a stretch correspond with each other. The security code in RFID label gave to the petrol pump get read by the per user and transmission of it to the control unit will organizations to make the correct database of different petrol pumps circulated over wide range. Additionally the circulation of the fuel is impractical until control unit gives the correct summon to the valve in tanker unit. In short the undertaking we have created is the fundamental connection of every above gadget; which will use to give security to the fuel dispersion and helps the information keeping of the conveyed fuel. The headway of the venture to expansive scale can help monetarily to the business in a roundabout way. The primary reason for our task fulfils every one of the requirements identified with secure circulation of the mechanical items.