Abstract: Nowadays, we hear news about fake mark sheets, fake transcripts, fake degree certificates etc. With latest printing and scanning technologies convenient and reasonable available, creating simulated documents have become an easy affair, making it tough to understand between original and the artificial. So it is a very big challenge to provide security and authenticity of digital data. This paper proposes an innovative method to authenticate the digital documents. A advanced method of QR code is introducing here, which grant multiple encryption and decryption of digital data. In this paper, we introduced a new technique, where the resume of a candidate will be encoded in QR [Quick Response] Code in encrypted form, so that if an hacker tries to change the data in the resume then he cannot do that. This is because; the encryption key is unknown to him. Encrypted QR codes are QR codes that everyone cannot scan and access. They are not very typical, since maximum QR codes are used in marketing, and the developers of those codes want them to be accessible by everybody. Protect QR codes can be built that make the scanner enter a password to be able to access the content. We are using TTJSA algorithm method for encryption and decryption purpose. TTJSA is very effective method; we encrypt the mark sheet information using the TTJSA encryption algorithm. The encrypted marks are entered inside QR code and that QR code is also printed with the initial information of the mark sheet. The marks can then be retrieved from the QR code and can be decode using TTJSA decryption algorithm and then it can be verified with marks already there in the mark sheet.

Keywords: QR Barcode, Information Hiding, Encryption Decryption, TTJSA.