Abstract: The basic architecture of Wireless Sensor Networks are usually a Hybrid type where it is a combination of Infrastructure Oriented and Infrastructure less Networks. The Communication from sensor to sensor head takes place through p2p Architecture (Infrastructure less) and the communication from Cluster Head to Base Station involves Broadcast Based(Infrastructure Oriented).This Hybrid Architecture is to reduce the Energy Consumption of Sensor nodes as it will be depleted soon when each sensor broadcasts sensed data to Base station as and when senses. Hence a Cluster Head will be elected for each cluster by considering the battery, Memory and processing ability. All the Sensors will be sending their sensed data to the Cluster Head in a p2p manner. this is process we can improve the energy of wireless sensor and secure method of deal. The Elagamal algorithm has three main parts: 1.secure data transaction, 2.Encryption, deception 3.Signature based secure.

Keywords: Energy efficient in wireless sensor, data security, reduces overlape, data aggregation.