Abstract: Even though India is agricultural country lot of challenges are faced by farmer. Every year farmer experiences large losses due to pest infestation in crop & this in turn affect his lifestyle. These losses are basically due to discontinuous monitoring of farm, various diseases on crop and improper management of pesticides. Plant disease reduces product of farmer both in quality and quantity. So quick detection and identification of disease plant are of more importance. It also needs continuous monitoring of farm. To overcome above problem it is necessary to develop such system which continuously monitor the farm and detect the disease as quick as possible. In this paper we gave brief idea to solve this problem by continuously monitoring crops using ‘Agri-Robo’ and techniques called Image Processing. Image Processing give the good solution to above crisis. Image processing gives fast, automatic and accurate solution to user. We developed an agri-robo system to monitor crops and for identifications and monitoring of diseases & pesticides. This agri-robo not only detects disease but also spray pesticides to protect them from disease. The robot helps the farmer to take informed decision locally or allows connecting with other existing services. This agri-robo find diseases on various infected leafs. This system result in detection of cotton diseases and spray the pesticides of disease in proper amount when needed.

Keywords: Agri-robo, image processing for disease detection, pesticides spraying techniques.