Abstract: Cryptography is the technique in which usually a file is converted into unreadable format by using public key and private key system called as public key cryptosystem. Then as per the user requirement that file is send to another user for secure data transmission. In this transmission file of unreadable format is send, after receiving this file receiver used the same algorithm and key to get the original file data. In this procedure various algorithms are used as a processing function and depending on that algorithm we used the key. The strength of any algorithm is depending on the key used in sender and receiver side. For this secure transmission we traditionally used RSA algorithm which is more secure for use so most of the system used the same algorithm for secure communication. Even most of the financial transaction is done by the use of this algorithm as it used the strong key while encryption and decryption. But In today’s digital world there is a tremendous growth in the usage of the Internet. Behind one software generator there are hundreds of hackers. So, a fraction of second will be enough to destroy the security. Hence we require more strong algorithms, which secure the Internet work of sending and receiving. So this proposed system enhanced the security of existing RSA algorithm by using elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) algorithm. This algorithm is also stronger and has less key length as compared to RSA. The resultant system will be more secure than the previous system by enhancing the security of existing algorithm. Also proposed system provide good authentication for the user.

Keywords: Cryptography, Authentication, Plain Text, cipher text, RSA, ECC