Abstract: A compact microstrip fed multiband monopole antenna for Bluetooth (2.4-2.48 GHz), Ultra Wide Band (UWB) (3.1-10.6GHz), X-band (8-12 GHz) and Ku band (12-18 GHz) applications is proposed. The proposed antenna consists of a rectangular patch having central slot with lower edges beveled on one side and rectangular partial ground with central slot having lesser width as compared to substrate on the other side of substrate. The idea of edge beveling is also introduced in this partial ground to increase the impedance bandwidth. This antenna has operating frequency from 2.33-2.58 GHz and resonates at 2.44 GHz for Bluetooth application and 2.98-18 GHz for UWB, X-band and Ku-band applications. In this paper, the shape of ground is proposed so as to improve impedance bandwidth over entire UWB, X-band and Ku-band range. A rectangular quarter wavelength strip is optimized so as to resonate at 2.44 GHz. The proposed antenna is simulated using CST- Microwave Studio. With adjusted parameters the proposed antenna exhibits a broad impedance bandwidth with VSWR = 2.

Keywords: Monopole antenna, Multiband, Ultra Wide Band, X-band, Ku Band.