Abstract: In our day today life the word accidents are very common and which means indirectly that accidents are frequently takes place now days. Form last few years the number of accidents has been increasing which due to which losses takes place. Losses may be in terms of heavy injuries and to the vehicles. Apart from these losses the loss of money as well. The basic idea of this paper is avoid collision in vehicular system using different control strategies both in hardware and software. We are implementing sensors like ultrasonic sensors, camera using ARM 7. We are also using CAN protocol so that the response time for communication within the system is minimized. Since the vehicle will run on road so practical scenarios must be keep in mind for that purpose, we have done programming in MATLAB so the vehicle can follow lane. There are various types of collision like front end, back end, rare end etc. From different types rare end collision is very common. Hence, more concentration is given to rare end collision. Most of the programming is done in MATLAB. We provide experimental setup on a system so our basic ideas can be clear.

Keywords: Rare end collision, Front end collision, ARM 7, ITS, ADAS, CAN, Obstacle detection, collision avoidance.