Abstract: Sentimental Analysis analyses the emotion present behind the speaker/writers reviews or comments. This emotion indeed helps in categorizing a review as positive or negative.In our day-to-day life we are involved in Podcasting, Blogging, Tagging, and Social Network (facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc) where numerous dataset gets generated. In other words, userís feelings are expressed in the form of comments/reviews/feedback. This opinion mining is quite a challenging task and basically everything in this regard is done in English language. If we think of other Indian languages as the resources like reviews and opinions are huge, study on these have not been done. In this paper, we are considering a survey on Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining in different languages like Kannada, Hindiand Malayalam. The speaker would be more comfortable in expressing his/her opinions using the native language as it would be more easy and precise.

Keywords: Opinion, Bag of words, NaÔve Bayesian, corpus, POS tagging.