Abstract: Modern Massively Multiplayer on-line Games (MMOGs) is a web games which can be contend by an awfully sizable quantity of people at the same time in an passing dynamic virtual world. Implementing a scalable MMOG service is tough as a results of the system is subject to high work variability, and but ought to operate below very strict Quality of Service (QoS) wants. Traditionally, MMOG services square measure implemented as large dedicated IT infrastructures with aggressive over-provisioning of resources thus on take care of the worst-case work situation. Throughout this paper we've got a bent to deal with the matter of building a large-scale, multi-tier MMOG service victimization resources provided by a Cloud computing infrastructure. we have a tendency to harness cloud paradigm by proposing a dynamic provisioning rule which can size the resource pool of a MMOG service to adapt to employment variability and maintain a quantity below a given threshold. we have a tendency to conjointly offer assurance for resume-playback on on-line vice once the unexpected termination of power happens. we've got a bent to use a Queuing Network performance model to quickly estimate the system quantity for varied configurations. The performance model is employed within a greedy rule to cipher the minimum style of servers to be assigned on each tier so as to satisfy the system quantity constraint. Numerical experiments square measure accustomed validate the effectiveness of the planned approach.

Keywords: trendy Massively Multiplayer on-line Games (MMOGs), Dynamic provisioning Algorithms, Greedy algorithmic rule, Reconfiguration algorithmic rule, Performance Modeling.