Abstract: Analyzing large amounts of data has become an urgent need. Data could be scientific, medical, demographic, financial or marketing. Main objective is to identify hidden information from the data sets. Data Mining is a technique that helps in extracting relevant and meaningful information from the set of data. It can be further described as knowledge discovery process that can be applied on any set of data. Data mining techniques when applied on relational databases can be used to search certain trends or patterns. Weather forecasting is an area of meteorology that is done by collecting dynamic data related to current state of weather like fog, rainfall, temperature, wind etc. It is one of the most challenging problems to analyze this set of data to predict the behavior of weather. This paper provides a survey of different data mining techniques being used in weather prediction or forecasting. It also reviews and compares various techniques being used in a tabular format.

Keywords: Data Mining, demographic, Weather Forecasting, Meteorology.