Abstract: A countryís growth is strongly measured by the quality of its education system. Education sector has witnessed sea change in its functioning. Today it is recognized as an industry and as an industry it is facing challenges. The challenges of higher education being decrease in studentsí success rate and their leaving the course without completion. An early prediction of studentsí failure may help the management provide timely counselling as well as coaching to increase the success rate and student retention. Data mining are widely used in educational field to find new hidden patterns from studentís data which are used to understand the problem. Classification is one of the prediction type classifiers that classifies data based on the training set and uses the pattern to classify a new data. Aim of the project is to develop an internetworking application that uses data mining technique to predict the studentsí performance based on their behaviour. This paper explores the link between emotional skills of the students along with the socio economic and previous academic performance parameters using Naive Bayes Classifier technique.

Keywords: Educational Data Mining (EDM), Classification, Data Mining, Prediction.