Abstract: Inpainting is the process of reconstructing lost or deteriorated part of images based on the background information. i. e. image Inpainting fills the missing or damaged region in an image utilizing spatial information of its neighbouring region. Inpainting algorithm have numerous applications. It is helpfully used for restoration of old films and object removal in digital photographs. Super resolution reconstruction produces high resolution image from sequence of low resolution images. The main aim of super resolution is to improve visual quality of available low resolution image. Also existing Low Resolution (LR) imaging can be utilized with help of super resolution reconstruction. Super resolution based inpainting consists in performing first the inpainting on a coarse version of the input image. A hierarchical super-resolution algorithm is then used to recover details on the missing areas. The advantage of this approach is that it is easier to inpaint low-resolution pictures than high-resolution ones. The gain is both in terms of computational complexity and visual quality.

Keywords: Super resolution(SR) images, Exemplar based inpainting, Texture synthesis, Down Sampling, Inplanting.