Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to design and simulate the serial communication environment between SPI and I2C protocol with the help of the Bridge. By using the I2C as a slave side we can increase the number of I2C peripheral devices, it is not possible with SPI because it requires separate SS_n line for different slave devices which increase the board complexity. Most of the embedded systems having only SPI interface to connect with I2C peripherals. But it is not possible to directly connect SPI with I2C peripherals. The better option to deal with this problem is to build an SPI to I2C interface with the help of the Bridge. Bridge is commonly used for transforming or converting commands and data from one device to another to perform various applications. This effort mainly focuses on protocol conversion from SPI to I2C bridge, to interface with high speed digital system.

Keywords: SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), I2C (Inter Integrated Circuit), Bridge, SCL (Serial Clock Line), SDA (Serial Data Line), Channel Selector.