Abstract: In this paper introduces analysis of previous steganographyand introduction of proposed method, and also how to hide secrete message in carrier image with help of LSB method. In previous days there are lots paper introduces on data hide in a carrier image. Steganography is very old approach to hide data into a some object. Steganography comes from Greek word that means covered or secrete writing; stegan means covered and graphy means writing. In this day there is lots of security thread over internet through carrying some information. There are lots disadvantages while handling this type embedding system like capacity, accuracy and robustness. Transmission of image over the internet is vulnerable to verity attacks from untrustworthy system administrators. So it should be stored and processed in an encrypted format to maintain security and privacy. It is necessary to implement secrete message in these encrypted image. In this paper, We proposing data hiding is to performed by the encryption of a text data using twelve square substitution cipher, and then embed the cipher text in the carrier image depending on plane separation of the image and select any plane R,G,B or all for embed. We will be finding LSB algorithm on the basis of Mean Square Error, Peak Signal to Noise Ratio, Relative Payload and Rate of Embedding. The system is therefore, recommended to be used by the internet users for establishing a more secure communication.

Keywords: encryption; decryption; LSB; steganography; 12 square algorithms.