Abstract: Cloud Computing is designed as an event to anticipate the applications supported by the new paradigm and validate the mechanisms and the techniques .We address the complication of dynamic resource management for a massive cloud environment. We incorporate outlining distributed middleware architecture and performing one of its key elements: a gossip protocol that (a) establishes a generous resource allocation among sites/application, (b) dynamically adapts the allocation to load changes, and (c) rates both in number of physical machine sites/application. We exemplify the resource allocation problem as that of dynamically augmenting the cloud service under CPU and memory constraint. We present a protocol that figure out a solution without considering memory constraint and prove correctness and convergence properties. Hence we extent that protocol to provide an analytical solution for the entire problem that contains reducing the cost for accommodating an allocation. This protocol continuously executes on dynamic, local input and does not need global synchronization, as all other gossip protocol do. This paper also includes a Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service Protocol. RADIUS is a protocol that facilitates Network Access Server to utilize shared authentication server for authorization and authentication. We appraise the heuristic protocol through simulation and find its conduct to be well coordinated with our design goals.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, RADIUS Protocol, Dial-in User Service Protocol, Remote Authentication.