Abstract: As the number of mobile devices is growing tremendously, mobile query processing has become a challenging application. One of the important type of mobile queries is range query, is to retrieve surrounding objects of interest. The range queries considered here are moving range queries, as the mobile is changing its location continuously. Due to change in location the moving range queries are difficult for processing and the former results become irrelevant. The concept of safe region is introduced which is an area where the results of range query on the mobile device do not change. Whenever the query leaves the safe region then only the query is re-evaluated. Moving range queries are used in different applications like friend finder, alerts of traffic congestion etc. Mobile advertising is one of the applications that allow an advertiser to promote products or services to targeted customer efficiently. In the proposed location based advertising application, the mobile client gets offers or coupons from the merchants which are in radius of its GPS location. Using concept of safe region, it will reduce the cost of communication and of data transfer as recomputation is not required. This application is based on the continuous monitoring of moving circular range queries over static data objects, where the queries are constantly moving and the data objects do not move.

Keywords: GPS, location based services, mobile advertising, moving range query, safe region.