Abstract: Haptics is one of the most trending technologies in the world as per the famous GARTNER 2014-15 predictions. This makes it one of the leading technologies to be focused on in the field Engineering and Research studies and robotic applications. It Deals with the simulation of real-world experience using concepts such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality. This technology provides the user a force, sense and touch feedback. The proposed work aims at perceiving and simulating different surfaces or textures and further providing real-time experience of virtual objects or surfaces allowing the blind users to visualize and sense their surroundings much like bats or dolphins. The proposed work involves building of two devices namely Hand module and Puck scanner, one measures the response of surface with respect to the human interaction, different amount of pressures are applied and wide ranging responses are obtained which are stored in the database and later produces the virtual feel of the same using object recognition involving feature extraction and feature matching process, the module is programmed such that typical frequencies are generated for different pixel values of the matched image and thus giving different vibrations through actuators creating virtual effect of the captured surface.

Keywords: FSR, Augmented reality, Haptics, Feature extraction, Virtual reality.