Abstract: Transmission line protection has become a very vital issue in power system as the transmission line connects the generating station to the end users(loads), the generating station are far away from the load end thus, runs several kilometers and hence the chances of fault occurring in the line is maximum. More than 75 percent of power system faults are occurring in transmission lines. Amongst the other electrical power system component, this transmission lines detriments more from unexpected potentially catastrophes. Due to which the reliability of the operating system degrades earlier to its worst condition. Thus, in this project our task is to make a protective system based on adaptive technique to prevent the propagation of these faults and safeguard the system against the abnormal conditions faced. The role of the protective system will be to detect and classify the type of fault also send a tripping signal to reset it back to the healthy condition after a preset value of timer. Determination of different types of faults on the transmission line is achieved by application of evolutionary programming tools of MATLAB software and Arduino mega 2560(microcontroller).

Keywords: transmission line, Adaptive technique, MATLAB version6, Arduino Mega2560.