Abstract: Online Social Networks (OSNs) are popular because of its attractive photo sharing feature among the users. The protection of a personís private information in online social networking sites like Facebook poses a new challenge. OSNs allow users to restrict access to shared data, but they do not provide any mechanism to enforce privacy over images with multiple users. So, establishing effective method to control personal data and maintain privacy is of great importance within these OSNs. To prevent possible leakage of photo privacy, we enable each individual in a photo to be aware of photo posting activity and participate in decision making of photo posting. This paper reports, a tool called Collaborative Privacy Management (CoPE) which involves content stake-holders in managing privacy policies and ensuring protection of shared photos. Thus OSNs will protect the privacy of true user and provide secure way of sharing a photo. Hence OSNs will be safe and secure.

Keywords: Online Social Network, Photo Privacy, Photo Sharing, Collaborative Privacy Management.