Abstract: Quick response (QR) code is a barcode widely used in many applications such as manufacturing, marketing, product tracking etc. The appearance of QR code can be improved by embedding image in to code. This paper explains the basic concept of QR images, a various exist methods to embed QR codes in to images. These embedding are suitable with standard decoding applications and can be applied to any color images with full area coverage. This insertion takes benefits of the support of QR readers against interruption of image luminance, the important information in QR code bits are transformed in to luminance values of the aimed image which is to be aimed. To minimize the visual distortion of the QR image, the algorithm uses half toning masks for the selection of modified pixels and techniques to locally optimize luminance levels of the QR image. In order to minimize processing time, the optimization technique consider the mechanics of a common binarization method, genetic algorithm etc.

Keywords: QR code, Image embedding, Multi resolution Half toning, half toning, genetic algorithm, DWT.