Abstract: Due to the non-availability of prior information about the bus arrival schedule, people have to wait for longer periods at the bus stops, especially during office hours in order to reach on time. Also, bus station follows fixed schedules and routines, and donít make use of intelligent systems for vehicle tracking and control. Administrators deployed at the station prepare the trip sheets containing the schedules and announce it manually which are time consuming, tedious and inaccurate. This Paper is to make transport much convenient for individuals who commute daily using the public bus transport of the city, for effective time management and making it trouble-free, not just for the commuters but the Transport Department to create an efficient public transport system. Our system using GSM and RFID technology provides a cost effective, simple solution and help people in getting the arrival time of the bus. Automatic announcement system in the bus stand announces the name of the bus and destination, while the bus enters the stand. At the same time the arrival time of that bus in the next stand send via GSM and displayed there. A bus detection mechanism for the blind in travelling from one place to another is also incorporated, in order to get their transportation independently. The blind can hear the name and destination using headphone, when the bus comes nearby.

Keywords: GSM, RFID, Announcement system, Bus detection mechanism.