Abstract: This paper is based on design and simulation of rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with double L slots which covers the frequency range of WiMAX and WLAN applications. The basics and fundamentals of Microstrip patch antenna is also covered in this paper. The various parameters of the antenna are the dimensions of the patch and ground planes and the separation between them and this antenna is fabricated using an h=1.6mm thick FR4 substrate (?r=4.4). The design and simulation of the antenna is carried out using CST microwave Studio suite. The design is a double L shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna that uses defected ground plane which covers the entire WiMAX and WLAN range. Return loss curve, E-field, H-field, Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) for designed antenna are shown. The proposed antenna has return loss of -20 dB at 3.5 GHz and -14db at 10.2 GHz This shows that the proposed antenna covers WLAN and WiMAX range. This design results in a reduction in size and weight and allows easy integration in hand-held devices.

Keywords: Flame Retardant 4(FR4), worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) and wireless local area network (WLAN), Computer Simulation Technology (CST), Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR).