Abstract: Technology is evolving rapidly for making things easier. Due to innovative ideas at the customer and manufacturers level, new networking methods are introduced. Nowadays, these networking methods are concentrating on wireless technology (wi-fi) where it is the most acceptable and flexible one. It became popular for all, which wireless communications standards continue to evolve, to provide ever-increasing data throughput capabilities. Today, two of the hottest wireless standards are IEEE 802.11ac in wireless-local-area-network (WLAN) products and 3GPP LTE-Advanced in cellular communications. IEEE 802.11ac is the new draft standard for Gigabit wifi. IEEE 802.11ac promises data rates of up to 1.73Gbps between an access point and a wireless client. In this paper, we’ll take a basic knowledge about IEEE 802.11ac. More specifically, we’ll look at how features such as Video Streaming and Data Syncing and Backing Up. Finally, we’ll look technical detail and its application.

Keywords: Wi-Fi, LTE, IEEE Standard, SS Id.