Abstract: Matched filter based receiver (MF receiver) are designed to achieve reliability at physical layer of TCP/IP model. Signal detection in this receiver is based on the use of threshold which is logarithmic function of input signal parameters, r0 and r1. Usually, at the receiver, r0 and r1 are assumed as 0.5. This leads to = 0. But in many practical situations such as transmission of image signals through AWGN channel, r0 ? r1 and hence ? 0. The objective of this work is to find the performance deviation using and when image signal are transmitted through AWGN channel. This is done for different considered window lengths and by using appropriately defined methodology. The simulation analysis study is carried out using MATLAB (R2008a) version. For different considered signal, various results are plotted in the form of percentage BER deviation vs. SNR curves. From the results it is found that substantial performance deviations do exist when considering (i) (ii) for image categories especially at low SNR values and smaller window length.

Keywords: MF Receiver, TCP/IP, AWGN, BER, MATLAB, SNR.