Abstract: In mobile adhoc network (MANET) all the nodes are in motion and runs on battery power. In such networks all the nodes communicate with each other via wireless transmission medium. And the message from source to destination is sent with the help of intermediate in range nodes. So dynamic path selection, routing and routing table updates are done in MANET. So to select proper path which is congestion free and in a short span of time is a challenging task. In this paper an energy efficient congestion aware routing strategy (EECARS) for MANET is proposed. The results show that the proposed scheme outperforms traditional DSDV protocol in MANET.A mobile unintentional network (MANET) may be an assortment of wireless mobile hosts forming a short lived network without the help of any complete infrastructure or centralized administration. Mobile Ad-hoc networks are self-organizing and self-configuring multichip wireless networks where, the structure of the network changes dynamically. This is principally because of the quality of the nodes. Nodes in these networks cooperating in an exceedingly friendly manner to participating themselves in multihop forwarding. The nodes within the network not solely act as hosts however additionally as routers that route data to/from different nodes in network. MANETs need associate efficient routing protocol that achieves the standard of service (QoS) mechanism. Routing protocol ought to be absolutely distributed; adjective to frequent topology amendment, Easy computation & maintenance, optimum and loop free route optimal use of resources, Collision ought to be minimum. MANET consider the shortest path with minimum hop count as optimum route with none thought traffic and so degrading the performance of the network so it's very essential to contemplate load equalization issue in routing mechanism. This Paper principally focuses on survey of varied load balanced Routing protocols for economic data transmission in MANETs.

Keywords: DSDV, Congestion, Network life free, MANET