Abstract: Transmission of video over internet is prone to attacks from untrustworthy system and administrators. Hence it is necessary to perform encryption of video content for maintaining security of those contents. Data hiding in encrypted domain without decryption preserves the con?dentiality of the content. For authentication and damage detection and covert communication, it is useful to embed secret information in these encrypted videos. A method is proposed where the secret information is embedded directly into encrypted video stream, thereby maintaining confidentiality of video content. The input video is compressed using H.264/AVC (Advance Video Compression) or HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding encoder). This compressed video is converted into frames for the purpose of data hiding using codeword substitution and those encoded data hidden video is encrypted using DES (Data encryption standard) and random generated password. The codewords of residual coefficients, motion vector differences and intra-prediction modes are encrypted using a stream cipher. Encrypted video along with encrypted file which contain password and frame number is send for storage or to receiver for decryption.

Keywords: HEVC/AVC Video, Data hiding, H.264/AVC (Advance Video Compression), random generated password