Abstract: Texture segmentation has come a long way from manual segmentation to reasonable automated segmentation. Using just a few simple grouping cues, one can now produce rather impressive segmentation on a large set of Textures. In some cases from texture, meaningful objects have been identified based on variations of color depth beyond a threshold value. In some case boundary between two regions are measured by comparing intensity differences across the boundary and intensity differences between neighboring pixels within each region. But the works done so far will not be able to get meaningful texture segmentation in all cases, particularly when the threshold values change drastically within the same object or the object is a combination of various different parts with different features and colors. Although it is safe to draw the conclusion that very thorough, accurate and meaningful texture segmentation would be extremely difficult to achieve, the past and present directions and efforts of research on this problem seem to be appropriate and as such should be continued to achieve more accuracy as far as possible.

Keywords: Texture, Pixel, Segmentation, Discrete Wavelet Transform.