Abstract: Digital image watermarking is a modern copyright protection technique. It aims at asserting intellectual property rights of digital images by inserting a copyright identifier in the contents of the image, without sacrificing its quality. It has been affirmed that the frequency domain techniques are more robust than spatial domain techniques. In this paper, we proposed a digital video watermarking technique with multi-level discrete 3-D wavelet transform using MATLAB. In the proposed method, first the video frames are extracted from the host video. Then, each frame get watermarked with multi-level discrete 3- D wavelet transform using key which is also known as embedding. After that each watermarked video frame get reconstructed. Watermarked video is obtained after reconstruction of watermarked video frame. The effectiveness of frame is evaluated using frame quality measures against some attacks.

Keywords: Digital Video Watermarking, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Video Frame, Watermark, MATLAB.