Abstract: Routing is an important part of wireless ad hoc network conventionally there are two approaches first one is Proactive and another one is Reactive. Both these approaches have some disadvantages and to overcome the problems hybrid routing protocols designed. ZRP (Zone Routing Protocol) is one of the hybrid routing protocols, it takes advantage of proactive approach by providing reliability within the scalable zone, and for beyond the scalable zone it looks for the reactive approach. It (ZRP) uses the proactive and the reactive routing according to the need of the application at that particular instance of time depending upon the prevailing scenario.In this paper we use ZRP that proactively maintains routes within a local region of the network (which we refer to as the routing zone). Knowledge of this routing zone topology is leveraged by the ZRP to improve the efficiency of a reactive route query/reply mechanism. we further incorporate security, provide guaranteed QoS and enhancement for use in heterogeneous mesh and sensor networks and this is accomplished by using Open SSL-DES96(double encryption) enhancement algorithm. The performance of this algorithm is evaluated through simulation and data transfer among the nodes is done through SFTP.

Keywords: Ad hoc network, hybrid routing, proactive routing, reactive routing, routing protocol, routing zone, zone routing protocol (ZRP), Multi clusterhead, Dominating Set.