Abstract: This paper displays another methodology towards vehicles safety and security. As indicated by exploratory and genuine study, the main driver of the larger part of accidents can be followed back to the conduct of the person who drives the vehicle, the driver himself. After recognizing the main factor, the framework will begin an activity to maintain a strategic distance from the impact and/or give a warning to the vehicle administrator. So it is not just essential to growing more dynamic security elements to keep away from accidents yet it is similarly vital to creating savvy mechanical arrangements that can precisely recognize the driving behavior of drivers and to help them. In this paper, we are executing two image processing instrument to get the facial geometry based eye locale recognition for eye flickering count, the consolidated following of mouth for yawning identification. Inside an inner self-vehicle, frequencies of eye flickering and eye closure and yawning frequencies are utilized as the sign of tired driver and warning sign is then created for suggestion; Outside a personality vehicle, Ultrasonic sensor is utilized to gauge distance in front of cars and auto- braking mechanism is connected during unsuccessful drowsiness alarm furthermore amid brake failure situations, hence preventing this faults and guarantees a safe journey.

Keywords: Driving Behavior, Eye Flickering, Yawning Identification, Ultrasonic Sensor, Auto-Braking mechanism.