Abstract: MIL-STD-1553 communication bus is in the defense field since last 45 years and is still a preferred bus in Defence and Space all over the globe. The 1553 bus initially developed by US to use in the defense Aircrafts to satisfy the robust communication bus in terms of protocols and hardware for weapon delivery subsystems. The main advantage is that the communication is highly deterministic and reliable compared to all other communication buses. Due to this feature the 1553bus made inroads into major programs all over the globe and reached installed base more than one million and spread from aircrafts to the other defense areas like Ships, Submarines, Battle tanks, also into Space vehicles. Because of itís full fledge acceptance in avionics, today it is continue to find its way into Military, Aerospace, Space programs and entered into commercial Aircrafts too. Keeping in view the strategic importance of 1553 Bus, we made an extensive survey on 1553 for this review Article, starting from the beginning to the present state, to be useful to the future Engineers for their understanding the 1553 Bus.

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