Abstract: Frequency Reuse Techniques are required to satisfy the exponential increase of data demands in mobile net-works, such as the Long Term Evolution (LTE) network of Universal Mobile Terrestrial radio access System (UMTS). However, the simultaneous usage of the same Frequency in adjacent LTE cells that creates inter-cell interference problems at cell-edge users. Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) techniques are deployed to avoid the negative impact of interference on system performance. This paper classified the existing ICIC techniques and investigates the performance of reuse-1, reuse-3 schemes under various user distributions. Performance of cell-center and cell-edge users is inspected, as well as the overall spectral efficiency, throughput and network load. System level simulations are performed that shows the advantages and limitations of each of the examined techniques under different network loads and user distributions which is used to determine the most suitable ICIC technique to be used.

Keywords: LTE, OFDMA, Reuse 1, Reuse 3.