Abstract: The purpose of this empirical article is, to study the scope and adoption of M-commerce in India. Standardized inventory was integrated into questionnaire on exclusive web site developed to collect the data from all over the India. In all 425 subjects filled up the questionnaire within given time frame. The study was non-parametric (survey) in nature. Majority of subjects showed agreement towards scope and adoption of M-commerce and clears that users in India are all set to adopt M-Commerce devices and services. With the M-commerce, users’ can introduce a standard, convenient communication and transaction channel that supports anywhere, anytime mobile commerce services. Cost doesn’t have a meaningful effect, this shows that Indian people doesn’t have a clear view of cost of mobile commerce since they didn’t experience it in general. Risk has a negative effect on attitude toward use. This issue can be a result of “Indian culture” which there is a resistance toward new innovation technologies, privacy, security and product. Findings also confirm that there is a lot of scope for M-commerce services in India. M-commerce is complex in nature and includes changing procedure in market and is in infancy stage in India. Suggestions for future research and implications to service providers and policy makers discussed.

Keywords: M-commerce, scope, adoption, cost, risk.