Abstract: In this paper the research is done on making a smart car prototype which is having the functions like self-navigation, space detection for parking, self-parking, obstacle detection, and alcohol detection. AVR microcontroller is used for achieving these functions. For self-navigation function, Radio Frequency Identification technology is used, with the help of Radio Frequency Identification cards. On-board RFID receiver module is used to locate RFID cards which are embedded in the path of navigation. IR sensors are placed into the car in different directions for sensing the obstacles and space for parking the car. This smart car is having two modes of operation, one is manual mode and other is automatic mode. Alcohol detection module detects that the driver has consumed alcohol or not, if this module detects alcohol, then the car will not get turn on for driving in manual mode. Automatic mode consists of features like self-navigation, self-parking and obstacle detection and manual mode consists of alcohol detection. The goal of this research is that to make smart self-driving car. The features of smart car are achieved here by doing self-navigation and obstacle detection with the help of Radio Frequency Identification module and Infra-Red sensor module respectively, in very low cost and for small purpose.

Keywords: AVR, RFID, GPS, IR, ADC.