Abstract: Health is the most important part of the existence, and is in today’s age the most critical, costly and time consuming area. People want to safeguard their health and take all the necessary precautions all by themselves, moving to the healthcare facilities only at dire need. A leading technology paradigm is the use of biosensors in quantifying the biological and physiological parameters and transferring the result to a GUI for health monitoring without the assistance of any healthcare personal. These biosensor enabled devices are becoming very popular in the masses as they can themselves monitor their health. Biosensors coupled with the wireless technology offer pervasive ubiquitous remote health monitoring and being extremely small enhances the users mobility with simultaneous monitoring. The work has discussed the biosensor structure and its importance in healthcare. Various breakthroughs in the biosensor innovations have been listed. A varied discussion about the integration of the wireless technology with the biosensors has been done, emphasizing the importance of real-time healthcare monitoring, and lastly a literature survey for the above-mentioned areas has been given.

Keywords: BAN, Biosensors, BSN, Implantables, IoT, Wearables, WBAN, WBSN, Wireless Healthcare.