Abstract: Biometrics systems are used to verify or identify an individual from his physiological and biological characteristics. But now a days, some biometric systems fail to meet the security requirements in some practical cases. Among these threats and vulnerabilities that are facing by the current biometric systems are spoofing attacks. A spoofing attack is that when a person tries to act as someone else by false data and there by gaining illegal access to the biometric systems. Here the user makes use of some artificial gummy finger, iris image printed on paper or masks. The study of anti-spoofing, has been growing in interest in recent years. This paper presents an introduction to spoofing attacks and anti-spoofing measures. Here we also present about image fusion techniques in biometrics. It enhances the security of biometric systems by fusion of multiple biometric traits like iris, face, finger etc.

Keywords: Image fusion; anti-spoofing; biometric system; spoofing attacks