Abstract: Vein identification is one of the most recent research topics in biomedical examination. Intravenous catheterization is most essential process in therapeutic medication in which practitioners find the appropriate vein for the process of with draw the sample of blood and injecting the medicine. Medical practitioners find difficulty to locate the vein, because of various physiological qualities, like skin tone, age, scars and burns. Therefore, improper location of veins, causes wounds, rashes, blood clot etc. To overcome this difficulty of vein detection we propose a new technique in this paper which consists of a ring of Near Infra-red (NIR) Light emitting diodes and a camera to capture the image of the vein structure. The image is captured by camera is processed using Visual studio with Open Computer Vision (Open CV). The processing of image is based on enhancement of image, segmentation of image and overlay method. This complete procedure helps the doctors in detecting the suitable veins for vein puncture.

Keywords: NIR, Open CV, Vein puncture, Histogram equalization, Adaptive Thresholding.