Abstract: Data Mining attracting more and more attention in recent years probably because of the growth of the ďBig DataĒ. This Big Data when analyzed properly can be very dangerous to insecure the information of Enterprise data. The biggest challenge for big data from security point of view is the protection of userís privacy. If the data is stored in the cloud a there should be establish a trust boundary between the data owners and the data storage owners. So the major challenge is to developing a safe and sound information sharing protocol .here we will discuss about the methods and privacy concern so that we could secure our userís sensitive information. Making use of Data Mining and some efficient algorithm userís sensitive privacy can be well taken .In this paper we will use the code inline parsing technique to make information more secure from the attackers and hackers and from the SQL injections so that we could make our Information more secure. This would be helpful to protect sensitive information on a big data platform.

Keywords: Information Security, Big Data Security, Big Data Analysis, Hadoop project.