Abstract: Information on the Web is increasing every day, the searching problem also increased. Indexing involves constructing a structured access to web content to facilitate search result. Retrieving relevant result is difficult due to traditional keyword based search which lack semantic. To address this issue, queries need to be disambiguated by considering the context (concept) using semantic search terms to index the search engine. However, user query may reflect multiple domains of interest which may lead to collection of semantically related terms. This paper discussed query terms with semantic search for retrieval of web content using different semantic indexing techniques. This would increase precision and recall for the semantic search when compared to traditional search. This would derive search related terms in the retrieved result taking into consideration the advantages, limitations on each of the techniques. Categories and Subject Descriptors [Information Search and Retrieval]: Clustering, information filtering, query formulation, Search process

Keywords: Semantic Search, WordNet, Ontology, Latent semantic indexing.