Abstract: The purpose of this technology to design a system that would actively direct audio in desired directions and locations. Private audio wave is a technology that produces focused beams of sound similar to light beams coming out of a flashlight. It is very useful in security. By shining sound to one location, sound projected toward the required listeners. And another nearby listener unable to hear it. It uses a combination of non-linear acoustics and some fancy mathematics. But it is real and is fine to knock the socks of any conventional loud speaker. This acoustic device minimizes a speaker that fires inaudible ultrasound pulses with very small wavelength which act in a manner very similar to that of a narrow column. The ultra sound beam acts as an airborne speaker and as the beam moves through the air gradual distortion takes place in a predictable way due to the property of non-linearity of air. The targeted or directed audio technology is going to a huge commercial market in entertainment and consumer electronics and technology developers are scrambling to tap in to the market. Being the most recent and dramatic change in the way we perceive sound since the invention of coil loud speaker, Private audio wave technology can do many miracles in various fields like Private messaging system, Home theatre audio system, Navy and military applications, museum displays, ventriloquist systems etc.

Keywords: Acoustics, Airborne, Transducer, Hyper Sonic Sound, Ventriloquist.